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mercredi 11 décembre 2013
Acute cardiometabolic responses facilitating a state of chronic hyperglycemia and renal impairment: the SABPA study
By AdminOriscav @ 13:48 :: 2106 Views :: Publications scientifiques
Background: Augmented a-adrenergic response patterns are associated with vascular risk in Africans. Therefore, the aims of this study were (a) to asse...
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mercredi 6 novembre 2013
Use of food frequency questionnaire to assess relationships between dietary habits and cardiovascular risk factors in NESCAV study: validation with biomarkers
By AdminOriscav @ 13:44 :: 2025 Views :: Publications scientifiques
Background: Validation of Food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) is particularly important element, as incorrect information may lead to false association...
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mardi 1 octobre 2013
Enjeux Santé n°5 - Adhésion aux recommandations nationales nutritionnelles chez les adultes résidant au Luxembourg en 2007-2008
By AdminOriscav @ 15:25 :: 2537 Views :: Publications grand public
L'Adhésion aux recommandations nationales nutritionnelles chez les adultes résidant au Luxembourg en 2007-2008 Résultats de l&rs...
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lundi 29 juillet 2013
Diet quality concept
By AdminOriscav @ 13:23 :: 2207 Views :: Publications scientifiques
The term diet quality has recently gained considerable attention in nutritional research. Despite widespread use, it is often poorly defined and remai...
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lundi 1 avril 2013
Validation of the food frequency Questionnaire Used to Assess the Association between Dietary Habits and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in the NESCAV Study
By AdminOriscav @ 16:09 :: 2232 Views :: Publications scientifiques
Background: In epidemiological studies, the validation of dietary assessment instruments is important to avoid biased associations with outcome measur...
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