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dimanche 12 mars 2006
Self-medication with Antimicrobial Drugs in Europe
By AdminOriscav @ 14:20 :: 2402 Views :: Publications scientifiques
We surveyed the populations of 19 European countries to compare the prevalence of antimicrobial drug selfmedication
in the previous 12 months and intended self-medication and storage and to identify the associated demographic  characteristics. By using a multistage sampling design, 1,000–3,000 adults in each country were randomly selected. The prevalence of actual self-medication varied from 1 to 210 per 1,000 and intended self-medication from 73 to 449 per 1,000; both rates were high in eastern and southern Europe and low in northern and western Europe. The most common reasons for self-medication were throat symptoms (e.g., dry, inflamed, red, or sore throat, inflamed tonsils, tonsil pain). The main medication sources were pharmacies and medication leftover from previous prescriptions. Younger age, higher education, and
presence of a chronic disease were associated with higher rates of self-medication. Attempts to reduce inappropriate self-medication should target prescribers, pharmacists, and the general public.