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samedi 5 mai 2018
Spending on health and HIV/AIDS: domestic health spending and development assistance in 188 countries, 1995-2015
By AdminOriscav @ 10:11 :: 1757 Views :: Publications scientifiques
BACKGROUND: Comparable estimates of health spending are crucial for the assessment of health systems and to optimally deploy health resources. The me...
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samedi 5 mai 2018
Trends in future health financing and coverage: future health spending and universal health coverage in 188 countries, 2016-40
By AdminOriscav @ 10:03 :: 1804 Views :: Publications scientifiques
BACKGROUND:Achieving universal health coverage (UHC) requires health financing systems that provide prepaid pooled resources for key health services w...
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jeudi 5 avril 2018
Reply-Letter to the Editor - Smoking status is inversely associated with overall diet quality: Findings from the ORISCAV-LUX study.
By AdminOriscav @ 15:03 :: 1766 Views :: Publications scientifiques
lundi 19 mars 2018
Contributions of mean and shape of blood pressure distribution to worldwide trends and variations in raised blood pressure: a pooled analysis of 1018 population-based measurement studies
By AdminOriscav @ 14:50 :: 1502 Views :: Publications scientifiques
Background: Change in the prevalence of raised blood pressure could be due to both shifts in the entire distribution of blood pressure (representing ...
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vendredi 8 décembre 2017
Prevalence and related risk factors of chronic kidney disease among adults in Luxembourg: evidence from the observation of cardiovascular risk factors (ORISCAV-LUX) study
By AdminOriscav @ 15:38 :: 2065 Views :: Publications scientifiques
BACKGROUND: Evidence on stages of renal impairment and related risk factors in Luxembourg is lacking. This study aimed to assess the prevalence of ...
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