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mercredi 30 novembre 2011
Simultaneous determination of nicotine and PAH metabolites in human hair specimen: A potential methodology to assess tobacco smoke contribution in PAH exposure
By AdminOriscav @ 15:52 :: 2348 Views :: Publications scientifiques
The present methodology was developed to simultaneously assess chronic exposure to PAHs and to tobacco from the analysis of one hair specimen per exam...
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mercredi 14 septembre 2011
Dietary, behavioural and socio-economic determinants of the metabolic syndrome among adults in Luxembourg: findings from the ORISCAV-LUX study.
By AdminOriscav @ 16:01 :: 1883 Views :: Publications scientifiques
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of the present research was to investigate the epidemiological profile of the metabolic syndrome (MetS) and to explore its pote...
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mardi 4 janvier 2011
Prevalence of the metabolic syndrome in Luxembourg according to the Joint Interim statement definition estimated from the ORISCAV-LUX study.
By AdminOriscav @ 13:56 :: 1929 Views :: Publications scientifiques
BACKGROUND: The prevalence of the metabolic syndrome (MS) has been determined in many countries worldwide but never in Luxembourg. This research aimed...
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lundi 15 novembre 2010
Nutrition, Environment and Cardiovascular Health (NESCAV): protocol of an inter-regional cross-sectional study.
By AdminOriscav @ 16:06 :: 2016 Views :: Publications scientifiques
BACKGROUND: Despite the remarkable technological progress in health care and treatment, cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of premature ...
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mardi 7 septembre 2010
Comparison of participants and non-participants to the ORISCAV-LUX population-based study on cardiovascular risk factors in Luxembourg.
By AdminOriscav @ 13:53 :: 1987 Views :: Publications scientifiques
BACKGROUND: Poor response is a major concern in public health surveys. In a population-based ORISCAV-LUX study carried out in Grand-Duchy of Luxembour...
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